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Egg double stroller How you can turn the single Egg pram to double and what configurations are available 

General information regarding the Egg stroller 

The egg stroller is usually sold as a single and initially includes just the stroller itself or on the Special Edition Package, the stroller and the matching changing bag or backpack. 
The egg has six different variations in tandem mode to meet the needs of your growing family at every stage; but if using for a single baby, thereÔÇÖs a matching carrycot available in every colour to bring balance to your set-up, whichever configuration you choose. This delivers the same level of detail as the stroller seat, from the comforting soft leatherette carry handle to the swooping curves of the carrycot mirrored of course in the egg┬« chassis, seat and canopy. 
Egg tandem seats are only available in certain colours, so you maybe limited on the choice of colours when buying the egg as a double stroller. 
Currently, there are some old colours available as tandem seats, so if you are interested in a tandem seat please contact us by emailing kathy@kidsstore.co.uk or call us on 02890 232805. 
On the new egg2 the tandem seats available will be only for the following colours: Jurrasic Grey, Just Black, Monument Grey and Quartz.  
Below we'll explain all possible configurations. 

Egg double stroller for toddler and newborn 

This is the most common egg double stroller combination we are being enquired about here at Kids Store. 
It is the most simple and easy combination to buy. 
All you will need is to choose the egg stroller colour you want, add the egg tandem adaptors and finally add the matching carrycot. 
You can find the full egg stroller range here
For this configuration, the carrycot for the newborn should always be placed on the lower position and the seat unit for the toddler in the upper position. 
If you already have the stroller and carrycot and another baby is on the way, then you can use the stroller and carrycot you already have and accommodate both children by simply buying the extra pair of egg Tandem adaptor kit (compatible only with egg). Please note that for egg2 there is a new pair of tandem adaptors. 

Egg double stroller for 2 toddlers 

Another easy configuration for egg stroller. 
This configuration is ideal for 2 toddlers. 
All you need is your egg stroller, the egg (or egg2) tandem adaptors and the matching tandem seat unit for the second toddler and place it on the lower position.  
Please note that the tandem seat unit for the first generation egg is available only in these colours: 
Camo Sand 
Cool Mist 
Deep Navy 
For the new egg2 the tandem seats will be available only in these colours: 
Jurrasic Grey 
Monument Grey 
Just Black 
Another more affordable configuration for two toddlers is to simply add the egg ride on board. This will allow one of the 2 toddlers to hop on the buggy board and the second toddler to seat on the seat unit. This is ideal for when your toddler likes to walk more than sit on the stroller. 

Egg stroller for twins 

As mentioned above, the egg2 for twins is only available in a limited colour range.  
For this combination, you will need to add to your egg stroller, 2 carrycots and the matching tandem seat unit. 
If you bought an egg bundle, where 1 carrycot is included, you will need to add 1 more carrycot, the matching tandem seat and the egg2 tandem adaptors. 
Depending on your needs, it is up to you to add more accessories, such as an extra car seat or an extra footmuff. 
To attach a car seat in the upper position, as on the pic below, you will need the egg multi car seat adaptors, which are usually included in the egg bundle. 
To attach a car seat in the lower position, you will need to buy the egg lower multi car seat adaptors
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