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Baby Check List What do I need to buy for my newborn? 

Feeding Time  It's time to choose a highchair or a booster seat for your baby's feeding time. 


Highchairs are used when your baby is ready to sit on his own for feeding time. It is especially convenient as it allows you to place it near your dining table as if it's a normal chair. Highchairs come in different styles, materials and functionalities. 
Plastic highchairs are light, easy to clean and generally cheaper than those made from natural materials like wood, but not as durable. A feeding tray is a must have, especially if it's removable for easy cleaning. 
Foldable frames are a big plus if you're low on space. For safety, make sure that the seat is wide enough for the baby to sit comfortably without falling or sliding out, and that a safety harness is included. 
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Portable Highchair 

Portable highchairs, or booster seats, are lightweight, portable and versatile feeding chairs used for mobility purposes. 
The fact that it's missing a stand, is very light and has a carry handle means you can easily transport or store it. They are perfect for taking it with you when visiting family or friends. 
The general idea behind such a feeding chair, unlike high chairs, is that you place it on top of the seat of an actual dining chair. 
These chairs are generally much more cheaper than the usual high chairs. Such feeding chairs come with an array of features such as removable tray, lightweight plastic for easy transportation and cleaning, folding capabilities and extra under seat storage compartments. 
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Sterilisers are necessary to make sure that baby equipment such as feeding bottles clean from germs and infections. 
Harmful bacteria grow quickly in milk. ThatÔÇÖs why it is recommended that you continue to sterilise bottles, teats, dummies, breast pumps and other feeding accessories until your baby is one year old. Spoons and bowls need to be sterilised as well if you plan on introducing solid foods to your baby earlier than six months old. 
There are many types of sterilisers, such as microwave or steam. Steam sterilisers do not require any chemicals and kill most of the harmful germs. 

Feeding Bottles 

Feeding bottles provide a more comfortable feed at baby's chosen pace. The main point of a baby bottle is to make sure that the milk will only flow at the pace chosen by your baby to minimise overeating and spit-up. 
Some bottles provide features such as significantly reducing colic and fussing. 
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Bibs are the perfect accessory to your little one's outfit and help to protect their clothing from dribble or spills, and are usually made from 100% cotton which is kind to delicate young skin. They are also machine washable. 
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